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How God has equipped us with unique gifts and talents. We are responsible for using the gifts and talents God has blessed us with. If we don’t activate them, the ministry he’s assigned us will not get done.

The Great I AM

It’s easy for me to empathize with someone stepping into a public forum who is visibly rattled by nerves. It’s painful. I really dealt with it growing up because I was so self-conscious.  And, when the focus was on me, … Continue reading

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I Choose a Growth Mind-Set

In her book, The Best Yes, Lysa TerKeurst writes about how we limit our abilities by tying our identity to our circumstances.  I recently experienced this when I was asked to consider a bigger role in my church’s women’s ministry. … Continue reading

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The Palm and the Banyan

I was talking to the ladies in my Bible Study about the vacation my husband and I were taking to Hawaii to visit his son. I told them I was struggling with whether or not I should take my laptop with … Continue reading

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Living a Legacy

A legacy is the story of someone’s life, how they will be remembered. I recently read a number of stories about people’s regrets at or near the end of their lives. Everything from the stories of nurses who have spent years … Continue reading

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Supporter, Thinker, Driver, Cheerleader

Over the years I have attended a number of workshops identifying various personalities and their communication styles in an effort to improve the way employees work together in the business environment. The first one was fascinating as well as entertaining. … Continue reading

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