Simple Joy

At night I often journal what I’m thankful for.  It’s so easy to overlook how God has blessed me, so I try to be intentional about it.

Tonight I walked a couple laps around the block after dark tonight. I was feeling thankful, happy and blessed for no particular reason. As I walked, a memory from earlier today returned. I thought of a young woman I watched ordering lunch at the sandwich shop earlier. She had a very young boy in a stroller, a girl about 4 at her side, and was toting a full backpack. It reminded me of such days when my kids were young. We shared a car with my husband and, long after he’d gone to work, often set off on foot for the day. We’d trek to the park or store, run an errand or walk to the beach. We didn’t have much, financially we were just scraping by. But it warmed my heart remembering how we enjoyed those simple days together.

I also remembered a time visiting our family in San Diego. It was a special anniversary celebration and we were all staying at the same hotel. My sisters and our husbands had walked a short distance to a restaurant and were on our way back when we spotted a long, black limo waiting in the parking lot of a restaurant along the bay. I thought it would be crazy fun to see if the driver would take us the remaining 1/8 mile to the hotel, hoping someone would see us arrive by limo. Our husbands would have nothing to do with the idea, but my sisters and I made a bee line for the limo. Sure enough, after hearing our request, the limo driver loaded us up. As he pulled onto the street we rolled down a window to wave and say hi to our deeply embarrassed husbands who’d married such ridiculous women. Unfortunately, their stern faces pretending they’d never seen us before made us laugh even harder and no words would come. All we could do was cackle at them.

It took us a couple minutes to get to our destination. We pooled all the money we had to thank the driver richly. He insisted on the royal treatment when we arrived at the front of the hotel. He walked around and opened the door just in time for our step brother to watch him offer his hand and help each of us out of the limo. My brother’s face with his jaw hanging low is still etched on my mind… priceless.

I’m not sure I’ll ever grow up. Such simple memories bless me over and over each time they come to mind. Tonight they left me with a smile on my heart.

About Karen Campbell

Life provides lots of experiences to write about. My goal is to share how God works through them.
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