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Loving When I Don’t Want To

Jesus said we’re to love others, but every now and then someone in my life isn’t acting loveable – they’re demanding or ungrateful or not living up to my expectations in some way. I pray for patience and understanding, but sometimes I … Continue reading

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Spiritual Disciplines

My daughter had an opportunity to sleep in after a later than usual night out with some girlfriends. As an elementary school teacher with an active family, it was a rare opportunity. So when she felt a little hand in … Continue reading

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Red Faced Preoccupation

Do you turn beet red when you’re embarrassed?  I am so much better now, but for most of my life everyone knew how uncomfortable I was by the color of my face.  My most mortifying moment came in a junior … Continue reading

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To Infinity and Beyond!

I was reluctant to read Think and Grow Rich, because it sounded like a lesson is self-centeredness, but it was on the suggested reading list of some respected authors. Written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, it describes how an individual … Continue reading

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The Open Gate

I have a friend whose son has been struggling with depression, wondering, “What’s the point of living?” He is in the hospital tonight with pneumonia, probably a side effect of his heroin use. I ask that you take the time … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Mud

On visiting Anchorage, Alaska for the first time, I consulted a map to select a direction to explore. A tiny town called Hope caught my eye, partly because Hope is my maiden name, but also because the map showed it … Continue reading

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