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Christmas Without Martha

In the quiet early hours of this day after Christmas, I awoke early and laid quietly thinking of the many people who touched my life yesterday. When I try to describe the day in a word (wonderful, beautiful…), I can’t … Continue reading

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Exodus Revisited

Last week we went to see the new movie Exodus: Gods and Kings. I was bothered by how little it resembled the facts of the Biblical account and offended that God was portrayed as an evil child. I felt compelled … Continue reading

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Community Wisdom

A call I received yesterday left me celebrating relationships and sharing life in community with others. Some months ago I was pretty upset over a squabble between some family members. Like everyone, I want people I love to love each other, … Continue reading

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I’m a Handball Wife

Early this winter – cold, drenched and ready for sunshine – I suggested we plan a tropical vacation. Ed must have missed the “tropical” and “vacation” part of my conversation, because he started enthusiastically listing all the upcoming handball travel … Continue reading

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Feeling Blessed

As this year draws to a close and Christmas swiftly approaches, I am purposely reflecting on the many blessing that, without such focus, I’d otherwise overlook. I am thankful for my God, who sent his son Jesus to die for … Continue reading

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Living a Legacy

A legacy is the story of someone’s life, how they will be remembered. I recently read a number of stories about people’s regrets at or near the end of their lives. Everything from the stories of nurses who have spent years … Continue reading

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